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Surf Spots Southern Atoll - Maldives


The Outer Atolls, approximately 300 miles to the South of the capital, Male, contain at least a dozen, potent world class reef breaks that are rarely surfed. This area can only be accessed by a well-equipped surf charter vessel. The surf in the Outer Atolls is usually a few feet bigger than the North Male Atoll, hollower and shallower, similar to Indonesia style breaks.


The Maldives’ remote “Outer Atolls”, a.k.a. Southern Atolls, centering on the region of Ghafu Dhalu, is one of surf travel’s last great frontiers, offering world class surf with less crowds. This area is far removed from the busier North Male Atoll where all the resort based surfing and the majority of Maldives surf charter boats are based. The surf here consists of world-class reef bottom breaks comparable to Indonesia and the Mentawais.


The trip in our surf charter in Maldives is the best way to enjoy the all surf spots in the area. Forget about paddling and duck diving to reach the line-up we will drop you there directly with the dingy.


Surf Breaks

Kaededhdhoo – right, island with the airport on it, has a right hander that is fun when the swell is large is on the west side of the atoll so doesn’t receive as much swell as the other breaks.


Beacons – right, one of the most powerful and most hollow wave in Maldives, faces south so picks up plenty of swell, needs north west or north wind so always better early season February to April. Pretty short ride with easy takeoff where you then line yourself up for the inside and the fun begins best on mid to high tide and can be surfed 2 to 10 feet.


Castaways – right, very shallow only to be surfed on high tide, when the swell is over 4 foot breaks out the back where a fun wave can be had and you make the choice to keep going through to the inside where it hits the shallow ledge and gets a bit tricky, nice little deserted island in front of the break.


Blue bowls or voodoos – right, long wave not so hollow but a lot of fun best around 4-6 feet on mid tide it is protected if the wind swings around to south south west which is common in April.


Five islands – right, also protected from south winds, gets hollow, best on mid to high tide.


Twin peaks – left and right, a Bombi in the middle of channel into atoll, not so hollow but a fun ride can be had the right usually being the pick needs west to north west wind.


Love charms – left, great wave from takeoff to finish, nice tube on the inside breaks 2-10 feet needs west to north winds and can be surfed on all tides.


Tiger stripes – left, fun wave not so hollow but nice long walls to be had picks up plenty of swell and can be surfed all tides needs west to north winds.


There are some more spots on the top of the atoll (Gaafu Alifu) always smaller though as swell is blocked from the east side of the atoll which sticks out past these channels into the atoll.

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