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Male Atoll Surf Spots - Maldives


Highly consistent Indian Ocean South swells make the Maldives one of the planet’s most consistent surf zones. Almost every trip offers quality surf every single day. All waves peel mechanically over perfectly contoured, coral reefs without the shallowness and danger found at many other surf destinations.


Being on board of the surf charter in Maldives is the most comfortable way to enjoy the best surf spots in the area. Forget about paddling and duck diving to reach the line-up we will drop you there directly with the dingy


This is a place where you can ride the best waves of your life without fearing for your safety. And if your home surfs are short beach breaks, you’ll love the long rides.


Expect offshore winds most days with equal numbers of lefts and rights typically averaging chest high to once overhead. These warm water waves can be surfed on all tides so you can literally surf all day long.


The surf season coincides with the south-west monsoon and runs from mid May to November when the best swells are generated by winter low pressure systems in the southern Indian Ocean.


Surf Breaks

Chickens – Requires speed. Long, excellent left-hander that has two sections. A pleasant thin, peeling, racing lip. However conditions must be perfect, otherwise it’s not makeable.


Cokes –  A short but intense ride. A big wave tube spot. A steep barreling takeoff, then a very shallow inside section that opens up even more than the takeoff. Best on mid to high tide, however, can be surfed at low tide if the swell is big enough.


Lohis – Good and hollow left-hander with two sections. Need big SE swells and high tides to work well.


Pasta Point – Perfect long left, which picks up more swell and is more consistent than any other break. ‘Macaroni Bowl’-a second tube section, which develops after the fast take off section, mellows out for a cutback.


Sultans – Excellent, long, world-class right-hander. One of the most consistent waves of Male’ Atoll, which never closes out, even on the biggest swells. The take-off is a steep outside peak called ‘Phantoms’, which slingshots into a very long, walled, super fast section called the ‘Pinnacles’, over four feet. All three sections can be thrilling, almost insane tubes. Rides are 100 to 150 yards.


Honky’s – Long, left-hander. Starts small and increases in size and intensity as it wraps 90 degrees around the island. A six feet wave on the take-off will end up at least eight feet on the end section, called ‘Fred’s Ledge’. Long rides and tubes through all sections.  Best on low tides unless swell is huge.


Ninjas – Slow right-hander, good for beginners and long-boarders.

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