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 Local Islands

The best way to experience the ordinary Maldivian life is to visit a local island. Some of these islands are slightly more modern: with brightly painted house walls and harbor areas. There are also the quite fishing villages with lots of tree-shade, swings, and the traditional wooden holhuashi.


A holhuashi is rather like an island-version of a gazebo, build with hollow wooden trunks tied together forming the large, bench-like seat, and often with a thatched roof. They are conveniently set up on beaches, often where the boats come in, and is a place where islanders wind off after a day’s work, exchanging news, telling stories, playing cards, and listening to local radio.


It is a typical island custom that everyone finish their work by late afternoon, take their daily showers or bath near their wells, dress the children in fresh clothes and go for a stroll in the island, visiting friends and relatives, delivering small bowls of fresh homemade curry, or taking some time to relax at the beachside, watching the late afternoon sun while the children play around at the beach.



The richness and variety of Marine life in Maldives has to be seen to be believed. There are over 700 varieties of fish that have been seen swimming around the lovely coral reefs and atolls of the Maldives.


The system of coral atolls and reefs can be described as an underwater city, where coral reefs interspersed with aquatic plants provide fish and other marine life in Maldives, a viable environment to live in and flourish.


Nearer the reefs, where it is safe to swim, you can see turtles, sea anemones, octopus and eels. There are numerous species of fish that make up the marine life in Maldives. Some of the fish you can see in Maldives are Skipjack, also called Maldives Fish, Dogtooth Tuna, Butterfly fish, Sweetlips, Fusiliers and more….


Snorkeling is one of the best ways of discovering the hidden world of underwater right over the shallow reefs. The Maldives is considered one of the best places in the world for underwater photography.



Affluent aquatic species including tuna, groupers, barracudas, emperors, rainbow runner, trevally, squirrelfish and various other vibrant fishes make Maldives one of the best place for fishing. Provides a sizeable proportion of the gross domestic product and job opportunities for the vast majority of the island population. It is an integral part of the local existence.”


Fishing from the boat is a great experience, makes the free time onboard active, fun and entertained. The surf charter provides local stile fishing gear for free to our passengers.


The government of Maldives strictly prohibits hunting of whales and dolphins and the use of harpoon guns.


Surf Strength & Conditioning Program

We run an onboard training program designed to help you improve your core strength and flexibility so you can surf to your highest potential every day of your holiday. The program will help you minimize repetitive stress injuries, lower back pain and provide the maintenance that every surfer needs to balance out those long days in the line up. 


Utilizing the proven methods of body weight training and Pilates core strengthening techniques, you will learn about your body’s strengths and weaknesses by understanding how dominant movement patterns can create imbalance and injury through overuse. Surfers spend 97% of our time out there paddling! So like all athletes, surfers need to constantly work on improving whole body strength, core control and flexibility so we can maintain balance and perform at our best. Every body is different, so you will be given the tools to help you understand your body and learn the exercises required for you to increase strength and develop efficient movement patterns.


Imagine returning from a surf trip without all those niggling injuries! Our goal is to provide you with a tailored program for you to continue your training into the future so you can surf better every day.


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